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Dr. Paul R. Ford

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Teambuilding Seminars with Church or Mission Agency Ministry Teams

One to three day events summarized in this way: Through a process of personal discovery, take the opportunity with key team members in your church or ministry to focus on crucial team dynamics and vision issues. Using “Discovering Your Ministry Identity Team Assessment Workbook” or “Grip-Birkman” to address issues that consistently separate or divide ministry teams, we will engage in the hard questions to create unity and growth in the Body of Christ.


The Spirit usually brings understanding among team members, healing and repentance in broken relationships, and clarity of God’s ministry agenda within and beyond the team…look at who God brought to discover what God intends.


Leadership 3-Step Re-Pioneering Groups with Pastors or Christian Leaders

In six full days over a one year period, with five or six pastors and Christian leaders in the same city, brainstorm the possibilities and in accountability encourage each other for establishing vision and strategy to more effectively release the Body of Christ in each person’s context. I also teach a Doctor of Ministry class at Fuller Seminary doing the same content.


Leadership Training Events of All Sizes and Shapes Cross-Culturally

In adapting everything you see here, we match whatever is asked for or needed in the cross-cultural settings where the leadership training or teambuilding is done. Leadership of the event usually select any number of the team or unity issues and ask me to focus in those areas. I fit it into any time frame and any setting and use whatever assessments or workbooks that seem to fit the setting. Materials are translated into the most common language present.


Grip Birkman Blueprint Coaches Training

This training resource is for denominational or mission agency human resource people, trainers, pastors, Christian business people, and/or counselors. This resource provides a new way and new depth through which to evaluate your players, teams, and for understand underlying needs for couples or individuals in counseling. For more information, click here.


Personal and Career Coaching

I am committed to spending more and more time one-to-one with leaders to assist them in becoming more intentional stewards of who they are in Christ. Using the Grip Birkman, we have a unique opportunity to see yourself more clearly and to discern next steps in ministry…in the context of relationships and the Body of Christ. Time frame is commonly 1-2 days of personal time.

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