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Year 26, #3 – May 23, 2019 (Newsletter PDF)

CRM’s new name is NOVO, or “To Make New”   ̶   Link:

Paul’s new email address is:   ̶   Julie’s remains the same:


Julie’s health update. Listening to this song by Michael Card, I am moved to praise as I write to you.


  Holy, Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty,

     who was and is and is to come.

  Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty,

     Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.


We arrived home two weeks ago late Wednesday night after three weeks in Virginia, in large part caring for our two grandchildren. We had a marvelous time with Ava, Connor and their parents! We celebrated Ava's third birthday, Holy Week & Easter, participated in the White House the Easter Egg Roll, and just lived life together. What a gorgeous time of year to walk the neighborhood filled with Dogwood trees, azaleas, cherry trees and pansies in full bloom.


As most of you know we began to ask the Lord in 2015 if He was calling us to move back to Virginia. That was quickly tabled as I began three years of health battles. Then, on the flight home from Ukraine in March, Paul distinctly heard the Lord say, "I'm calling you now to Washington, D.C." This seemed impossible as how could we possibly afford the District? Enter Chris and Kathy Bingham, Paul's having spent time with Chris in Dallas in March (that Baylor story soon to follow). Long story short: this brother in Christ sees who we are, one of his contacts having known Paul for twenty years, and watched us interact as a family as well as with potential neighbors in southeast D.C. Bottom line is that he's willing to sell us this three bedroom townhouse at a price we can afford, far below its value. When Paul asked Chris why, his response was "Isn't this what we're supposed to do in the body of Christ?" Stephen and Leslie toured the property as well and are welcoming us – their invite actually started this process! It is important that we get established in our new neighborhood, church and local ministry soon. (There's an after-school tutoring in the apartments two blocks away.)

After meeting last week with our friend Gail, who's now our realtor, we will complete the list of mostly cosmetic changes before listing the house August 1st and moving by November 1, Lord willing. This is very exciting yet at the same time daunting. Paul kindly cleaned out many drawers of my stuff while Iwas resting and recuperating from chemo. Now it's my turn.



PRAY for Sheryl Anello & Julie at Grip Birkman Coach Trng May 29-31


In early March, I (Paul) got to spent a special weekend with long time ministry partner John and wife Jayme Blake (pictured), plus kids Adalie and Macaius. This time Julie gets the joy of spending time with the Blakes in Portland, but with more formal intent. Julie and close friend Sheryl Anello will be a part of a Grip Birkman Coaches Training that John is leading. This is timed perfectly for Julie to look at who God has designed her to be as she prepares for the new season in Washington, DC. Sheryl’s purpose in part is to discern God’s continued purposes for our home church’s gifts mobilizing ministry, for which she is team leader. Lord, reveal Yourself to each of the four coaches being trained, and anoint the special time with the Blake family who are so close to our hearts.











Unexpected Baylor Process leads to new home in DC


Brad Smith introduced me by phone to Walt Tomme (left back and front), to give guidance to our possible move back to DC. Walt suddenly invites me, with his friend Chris Brigham (right back) to join a group seeking God for establishing a new discipleship model for Baylor University students. We have an amazing few days together in early April, where we defined first steps for moving forward. In the midst, Chris watched the closeness of Brad’s and my 20-year friendship, and was moved that our “rich in relationship” investing lifestyle as he also heard of Julie’s passion for Hispanic and African American youth. These things led Chris to offer to sell us the property in southeast DC far below value. Friends, in the Kingdom, it is all about the relationships. “Watch for Me through the relationships I bring, and I will reveal My purposes. Again and again.” OR, in the words of Stephen Ford, “Dad, this is a God thing, no question!”








As I (Paul) prepare for 5 Principles for 8 Leaders related trip to Taiwan (June 7-16), Sam Abuku completed 5 Principles training #2 of 3, Discerning How you are Powerful in the Spirit, with our Young Leaders in Kavod village, Uganda (photo). The interaction was excellent, and prepares us all for Step #3 in August. ;o) Join us for tea, anyone? Below, Sam and Toto prepare Toto’s special-recipe bread they sold to buy the food for the young leaders 3-day event. God provides!

















Body Life Dynamics – Emerging Equipper Jaco Swart, who leads a fledgling Bible School in Norway, shares: I have the privilege to serve in an organization which is made up of volunteers. Volunteers often serve on their own terms, coming and going as they feel is right. This creates a fluid environment with people joining and leaving teams all the time. For most of last year my wife and I led a ministry without any fulltime staff. This created a heavy work load for us, but it also resulted in us being fully in control of the whole process. In the last few months many more volunteers joined the team. Suddenly we were facing two different fronts; the ministry aspect but now also the staff aspect. Doing the work came naturally, but equipping and releasing not so much.


A colleague reminded me that to healthily lead a team means to do less of the work and steward more of the relationships. Honestly, in the short run, it is easier to do the work and ignore the relationships! Then Paul’s mentoring in Body Life Ministry kicked in…. I am confronted with the reality of TEAM. We need one another to remain healthy in ministry – I am strong in some aspects, but I need others, yes even short-term volunteers, in other areas.


If you have a stable, long term team, shaping a healthy team is like cutting a diamond – a slow, patient process to create a team that will last ‘forever’ – each facet of the diamond is differently angled and polished and together the diamond can reflect the light perfectly. With volunteers, it is more like trying to shape a team out of Jello – it can be so frustrating but even with an ever-changing team it is possible to allow each member to shine and the Jello as a whole to reflect a beautiful light.

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